Learn More: Personal Development

Are you tired of feeling like you don’t have a clue about the dynamics of personal relationships? Would you like to be more self-confident and in charge of your life, your career, and your loves?

LEARN MORE can teach you step-by-step to understand:
• why people do what they do
• the techniques they use to accomplish their ends
• what you can do to defend yourself from poisonous words and actions
• how to identify those people who are truly on your side

Love More: Romance

Are you tired of feeling insecure and confused in your romantic relationships? Want to learn how to be more attractive to the opposite sex so you can enjoy more confident paramours?

LOVE MORE shows you how to:
• be sexier with your clothes on
• understand what your partner really wants
• have the confidence to survive and thrive after a breakup

Earn More: Career

Are you tired of watching others succeed when you know you work just as hard? Wouldn’t you like to use the secrets successful people know to get ahead?

EARN MORE shines a light on business fundamentals like:
• learning how to think like a business so you have money left at the end of the day
• understanding the characteristics every boss wants
• practicing the techniques of a good interview

Laugh More: Enjoy Life

While it’s all well and good to master financial, personal and romantic success, it’s no good if you don’t take time to enjoy each day that comes.

LAUGH MORE will remind you:
• to take pleasure in the small things
• the health benefits of belly-laughing
• laughing is easier than crying
• that a beautiful face should contain laugh lines

Why the Horse Apple Lady?

As a teacher, coach, speaker, or consultant, Connie K. Thompson’s "Horse Apple" theories on surviving life with a smile have resonated with countless people. Using everyday language, real-life examples, and tons of self-directed laughter, she reaches people with the same simplicity as a barroom chat between friends.