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Humans have relationships with everything around them: the weather, our pets, our cars, our food, our money and, most importantly, other humans!

And, unfortunately, many human-to-human relationships really suck! Just think about your last family holiday visit when Uncle Harvey told everyone the humiliating story of your high school prom while your Aunt Edna tried to flirt with your new boyfriend. Or remember how your last “great love affair” went sour as your friend Beth, who had warned you off the boy, ended up going to Las Vegas with him? Or how about the time your Mother told her bridge club how pathetic it was that you were running for Queen of Marston County because you were just so clumsy and if you won, it would be a “pity vote”? Yeah, I remember them too. Who hasn’t been betrayed, disappointed, or let down by another person?


Wouldn’t you like to be in charge of your life? Learn to handle other peoples’ demeaning words and cruel acts? Wouldn’t you like to be bullet-proof to other peoples’ attacks while walking away with a smile on your face as your heart and soul do a “high five”?

My EMOTIONAL SELF-DEFENSE™ System shows you strategies for defending your life, your happiness, and your dreams from other peoples’ mean acts and words, and how to identify those people who are truly on your team. Check out one or all of the following categories of EMOTIONAL SELF-DEFENSE™.


Relationships with our children, our parents, our in-laws, our friends, and our lovers can be the most wonderful or the most devastating encounters in life. Few things occupy more of our time than thinking “what to do or say next” to that particular someone. Learn to reclaim your power, your independence, and your happiness with the rules of Emotional Self-Defense, taught by a Relationship Strategist/Coach.

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Most of us feel like we could be a success if only everyone would just get out of our way. Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen. So we have to learn to understand, negotiate, and compromise with those in our business world to achieve our personal definition of success and happiness. Learn the personal skills necessary to succeed in business from a business owner and entrepreneur.

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To be a success in writing, you have to understand “whom” you are writing “to.” Whether fiction or non-fiction, every writer has a relationship with one or more people that must be acknowledged and understood to succeed. Learn the art and the science of writing for unseen critics from a two-time best-selling author.

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