• Time Management, My A*s!

    Time Management, My A*s!

    Over the years I’ve read numerous articles on time management–how to use my time to the best result, whether it be in my personal life, my health, my career, or my public service. Well, that’s fine and dandy but it isn’t worth a hoot if you don’t know why and how you are wasting your […]

  • Hotels and Haunted Thoughts

    Hotels and Haunted Thoughts

    I’m always a little bit wacky in my way of thinking and one dear friend once told me that my brain must have a lot of rooms in it. I replied that that she was probably right and most of them were haunted. Well, it’s funny how one thought can lead to another and I […]

  • The Hardest Lesson: It’s Not Personal

    The Hardest Lesson: It’s Not Personal

    Have you ever had someone—often disguised as a “friend” or “family”–stab you in the back whether it was starting untrue rumors about you, attempting to destroy your relationships, or excluding  you from a special event? Yeah, haven’t we all?

    And like any feeling person, you got your feelings hurt, right? Well, you shouldn’t have.

    I know this sounds impossible because that knife in your back really hurts, but in all honesty, it’s highly likely that your attacker’s actions were never really about you. You were just the unlucky person who happened to be nearby. In fact, anyone could have served your attacker’s purpose because his/her actions were all about them, not about you.

    The emotions you can claim are hurt feelings and possibly anger, but they won’t do you any good. And here’s why . . .

  • Connie’s Café – or – My Life as a Restaurant

    Connie’s Café – or – My Life as a Restaurant

    I was sitting in the 16th Street Café this morning, one of my favorite breakfast places—great food, lovely owners and workers, and friendly smiles all around—and I thought about all the people coming and going through their front door . . . and how this charming café is like life.

    People continuously enter and order at the counter. Some are strangers, some are occasional eaters, and some are so regular they greet each other like old friends even though they have never been introduced.

    And I stand behind the counter, meeting and greeting, offering smiles and inquiring into their desires. Some people are happy to see me, some are just functioning on autopilot and will have no memory of having seen me, and some are just curious about what I have to offer.