• Writer’s Block or Just Laziness?

    Writer’s Block or Just Laziness?

    Some people complain of getting writer’s block, that state where they believe they cannot write. I have so many topics that I like to write about that writer’s block is almost an impossibility. If I’m watching a financial program, I can write about what it takes for a business to succeed, how federal regulations are […]

  • 1st of 6 Easy Steps to Get Ahead Financially

    1st of 6 Easy Steps to Get Ahead Financially

     Want to get ahead and quit spending sleepless nights worrying about your finances so much? STEP 1:  Know where you stand today. Your first action to know where you stand is to balance your checkbook weekly. Balancing a checkbook less than weekly plays tricks with our memories.  We all remember payday and we all forget […]



    I read an article the other day about the “god complex” and cringed as I realized that I used to be as guilty of this as anyone. Ever get into an argument with someone and tell them flat out that you are right and they are wrong? BINGO! Were they delighted to have you tell […]



    Everyone wants success—or at least they say they do. And we applaud achievers. Or do we? The media recently reported somewhat disparagingly about the lackluster performance of OWN TV, Oprah Winfrey’s new television network. She was attacked for her personnel choices, ridiculed for her audaciousness, and minimized for her efforts. So here’s the lesson: If […]

  • My Body, My Car

    My Body, My Car

    When we are born, each of us is given a car to get around in life. It is called a body and it allows our bodies to take us where our brains want to go.

    During our lifetimes we spent thousands of hours washing that car, polishing it, gassing it up, detailing it, adding accessories, cleaning bugs off of it, and generally trying to make that car look as good as we can.

    What we don’t spent much time doing is car maintenance. We don’t check the tire pressure. We don’t change the oil and filters. We don’t keep the fluid levels topped off. We don’t get a service check every so often.

  • My Quick and Dirty Religion

    My Quick and Dirty Religion

    When I was young, I used to tell God what to do — just as I was taught in church. (Have you checked out the Lord’s Prayer lately?) “Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. They will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. GIVE US this […]

  • Emotional Self-Defense versus Re-Active Offense

    Emotional Self-Defense versus Re-Active Offense

    I spoke to a lady the other day who said that my use of the term “warrior” meant that I supported the “military war complex mentality”–or something like that. Apparently she was put off by my choice of the word “warrior” rather than by the basis of my philosophy. So I thought I’d explain what […]

  • WORRY – Baggage “Lost” in Transit

    WORRY – Baggage “Lost” in Transit

    I spend a lot of time watching men and women and comparing how each sex handles life differently. This week the major difference I’ve noticed has to do with the WRAGS WAGON that women pull behind themselves and which men normally ignore.

    The “WRAGS” Wagon carries the following load

    • W = worry
    • R = regret
    • A = anger
    • G = guilt
    • S = shame

  • REGRET – Do I Have to Pay Extra for this Baggage?

    REGRET – Do I Have to Pay Extra for this Baggage?

    As an adult, I meet people (mostly women) who regret all kinds of things they did when they were younger. In an age when women were supposed to have children, even my mother regretted having kids rather than pursuing a better career. If children grow up and get into trouble, parents regret disciplining (or not disciplining) them when they were young, fearing that one action may have been cause of future problems. Women regret not marrying this man or staying with that man. People regret the words they said to their parents in anger. People regret taking this job and not that job. And the list goes on and on … ad infinitum.

  • ANGER – A plastic surgeon’s dream

    ANGER – A plastic surgeon’s dream

    Anger is powerful and we are all guilty of harboring evil thoughts about others. Just take the test below to see how much we all have in common.

    Have you ever wanted to:

    • commando your car into the slow-driving idiot in front of you?

    • slap your boss for being such sexist idiot?
    • skip any family reunion altogether to prevent bloodshed and 9-1-1 calls?
    • twist off the head of the bimbo down the hall who will get your promotion because of her 38DDDs whose late nights at work had little to do with meeting company goals?