• A “Dear John” Letter to Stress

    A “Dear John” Letter to Stress

    Dear Stress, I want to break up. I know we’ve been together a long time but I don’t think our relationship is going anywhere and I want to move on. It isn’t that your company hasn’t been exciting. Perhaps it’s been a little too exciting—five episodes of road rage, four trips to the hospital with […]



    When we are born, each of us is given a car to get around in life.  It’s called a body and it allows us to carry out the actions that our brains ask. And during our lifetimes, we spent thousands of hours washing that car, polishing that car, gassing up that car, detailing that car, […]

  • Why did God give us laughter?

    Why did God give us laughter?

    Have you ever wondered why God gave us laughter? I mean, think about it. When we do it: We look funny We make loud, bizarre noises in public We dribble liquids out our noses We choke on foot or spit it at others We wet our pants or fart We embarrass ourselves in public We […]