• Writers Cramp: The Race to Success

    Writers Cramp: The Race to Success

    The hardest part of writing isn’t putting words on paper. It’s everything afterward. Beginning writers are so happy to have completed their first major opus:  romance novel, book of poems, biography, historical novel, science fiction screenplay, etc.  And they should be! But – like the Tour de France bicycle race – you have only completed […]

  • Writer’s Cramp:  The Addiction

    Writer’s Cramp: The Addiction

    Writing is an obsession for some, and an addiction for others. For me, the mere thought of leaving the house without at least four writing utensils and two writing pads is unheard of. I might as well leave the house naked. The thought that an idea might cross the two wires in my head and […]

  • Writer’s Cramp:  Where do I start?

    Writer’s Cramp: Where do I start?

    A wannabe writer asked me the other day where she should start writing her book.  I said “in the middle.” I don’t know about you, but most new writers feel like failures before they even start because they believe that they should have the sizzling Title, a Table of Contents, the Chapter titles, an outline, […]

  • If you’re going to write Science Fiction . . .

    If you’re going to write Science Fiction . . .

    Writing sci-fi is often making something unreal (a world, a character, technology, etc.) into reality in the mind of your reader.    And unfortunately, you can’t do that without linking some information from your book to emotions or experiences that your reader already understands. Creating a world that we can’t connect with on some level means […]

  • Two Basic Concepts of Writing

    Two Basic Concepts of Writing

    Sometimes the writing industry can get overly complicated. We talk about the audience, the tone of writing, characterization, plot structure, language usage, etc. But when you are a writer, there are two and only two things that you really need to keep in mind: Be interesting. Get your butt in the chair. I have written […]

  • Why should I care about your characters?

    Why should I care about your characters?

    Have you ever read a technical manual? It tells you how to put Part A into Slot B and then line both up and glue to Panel C.  Pretty exciting stuff, huh?  It also explains why technical manuals are generally only a few pages long. And, truth be known, the human attention span is lucky […]

  • Writer’s Block or Just Laziness?

    Writer’s Block or Just Laziness?

    Some people complain of getting writer’s block, that state where they believe they cannot write. I have so many topics that I like to write about that writer’s block is almost an impossibility. If I’m watching a financial program, I can write about what it takes for a business to succeed, how federal regulations are […]

  • Time Management, My A*s!

    Time Management, My A*s!

    Over the years I’ve read numerous articles on time management–how to use my time to the best result, whether it be in my personal life, my health, my career, or my public service. Well, that’s fine and dandy but it isn’t worth a hoot if you don’t know why and how you are wasting your […]

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