Some Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change

Typically, the holiday seasons are fraught with stress. As we all know, when you have the following formula, you have created the perfect storm:


Family members from the across the city, state or country


Varying traditional expectations


Numerous personal agendas


Too much food with too many chefs


Too much alcohol


Too much noise





Sound familiar?

The problem arises in what each participant expects.

YOU expect everyone to gather with loving feelings toward each other.

YOUR MOTHER expects the bird, the stuffing and the pecan pie to be cooked according to her great-great-grandmother’s recipe.

YOUR FATHER expects to find plenty of alcohol to help him survive this gathering.

YOUR BROTHER expects his younger brother to have the money he owes him.

YOUR SISTER expects hell on earth and is nervously trying to guard her new boyfriend from the antics of the family toward newcomers.

YOUR AUNT expects to be criticized by her sister-in-law about her recent divorce and is joining your father at the bar trying to drown her sorrows.

YOUR GRANDMOTHER expects to observe customary traditions and keeps rearranging the place settings to make sure that seniority is observed at the table.

YOUR YOUNGER NEPHEWS expect to defeat their fellow nephews in the family room as they boisterously play video games.

YOUR OLDER NEPHEWS expect to watch football and are second-guessing—at full volume—the coach’s decisions for their favorite football team.

YOUR YOUNGER NIECES are expecting to be princesses and are arguing about who gets to be Cinderella.

YOUR HUSBAND expects chaos and is the only person in the house not disappointed.

You can’t alter others’ expectations or agendas, but you can demand silence as you sit, hold hands and pray for peace while thanking God for all the insane members of your typically weird family.


What types of things can you expect from your family during the holidays?  Tell me in a comment below.

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